Here are the pictures of the roof and the hole I closed up, the other hole was on the right side of the house at the bottom of the A/C hose duct. You can click on a picture to make it bigger.

Here is the hole on the roof
The hole is set way back in the corner and it is a construction opening that has always been there since the house was built. The roof tile does not go up to the siding which means there is about a 3″ area that is just tarpaper and wood which rodents could make a hole in so I had to close up the whole area so that rodents can not get to that area.

Here is a picture of the hole closed up which will not allow rodents to get to the hole or the area that is not covered by tile.

There are several broken tiles on the roof which give access to the rodents to the roof wood. These should be fixed to prevent the rodents from getting under the tiles.

Here is a rat that got stuck trying to get out from under the tiles. There are openings at the seams where the tiles meet on your roof that I recommend are closed up.

There are 5 ways I found that rodents can get on your roof and they are 4 trees and 1 wall. I suggest you trim the trees back at least 2 or more feet from the roof and place rodent bait stations around your home to control the rodent population.


If you want me to put rodent bait stations around your home and monitor them, keep them clean and full of bait I charge $20 a month and also I do pest control which is only $10 more a month for a total of $30 a month to control all that bugs you.

You can always reach me at 954-632-3983 should have any questions.