Your lawn is all around your home and also are your bushes, trees, hedges and other structures. These are the places that most all insects come from and depending on the season and the circumstances of your property you will have to deal with them. The lawn is a direct connection to the other properties in your neighborhood and it is called the insect avenue here at RIP Pest Control. The main reason Matt ever has to treat lawns is to control fleas and ticks and this is most always when people have pets. For those problems see the RIP 4 Step. For treating your lawn for ants and others insects Matt can take care of it. For the most part after inspecting the lawn Matt mostly finds over watered/fertilized lawns that with a little correct knowledge the owner can fix themselves. Matt will always help you understand what is happening in your lawn and help you get on the right path to a healthy green lawn with the insects under control.
Its called the RIP Lawn.