Iguana Control

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It’s a fact that Iguanas are part of the environment that we live in here in South Florida and because of this sometimes you will find many of them on your property on your roof or in your attic. In South Florida, they are reproducing in amazing numbers and Matt can legally control iguanas on your property or community. Give Matt a call or text 954-632-3983 you will be glad you did.


Matt can monitor your property to remove any holes which are used for hatchlings. Nests can be anywhere and Matt will find the nests and remove them which will make it more difficult for the iguana population to thrive in your yard. Matt will treat and collapse the holes to prevent the next generation from taking over your property or community. Matt also knows how to protect your trees and other parts of your property.


Trapping is rarely needed and most of the time Matt can remove the iguanas according to State and Local laws and Property Policies.