RIP Rodent

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It’s a fact that Rodents are part of the environment that we live in and because of this sometimes they find their way into our homes. Setting a trap and catching them is not the end all correct solution. The RIP Way is a full-scale tactical attack and the key to its success is the knowledge of the landscape, structure, and enemy, Matt has a 100% success rate that proves it.

The RIP Way involves a minimum 4-Stage attack which is done from the outside.

1. Matt will inspect the grounds and structure.

2. Matt will set traps in optimum areas.

3. Matt seals up the structure from further attacks.

4. Matt will set bait stations if needed to control activity on the property.

Here are some hard truths for you.

If you are hearing sounds up in your attack at night call now because rodents will stay, multiply and cause damage to your home and property. If you are seeing rodents walking on your fence call Matt and have him do a RIP Rodent Inspection before they find a way into your home, it will save you money and your peace of mind. Call/Text Matt now if you have any questions at 954-632-3983